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  • Check Engine

    Check Engine:

    The engine is the heart of your vehicle, it generates the mechanical energy necessary to create movement. The engine is directly or indirectly linked to everything else on the car. The internal engine process is synchronized by a timing belt or chain. A broken timing belt is probably the most detrimental failure one could experience since the result can be catastrophic to the engine. The timing belt turns the crank and cam shafts in perfect rhythm allowing the engine’s internal parts to move in perfect synchronicity. The tiniest hiccup in this process is enough to make internal engine parts collide and cause complete engine failure. Performing regular maintenance can keep your engine running smoothly and increase its’ lifespan.

  • Brakes


    The most important safety component of your car are the brakes. Regular maintenance will help detect and prevent premature wear to the operating hardware and hydraulic components. We can diagnose, service, and resolve any brake system problems.

  • Steering and Suspension

    Steering Service and Repair:

  • A/C

    A/C Maintenance and Repair

    Your vehicle’s air conditioning is an intricate system of numerous components that work together in harmony to keep you comfortable. Regular A/C service & maintenance is recommended to keep minor issues from becoming costly repairs. Identifying the exact cause of your vehicle’s A/C problem requires proper diagnosis tools and lots of knowledge.

  • Transmission

    Transmission Maintenance and Repair:

    Transmission is a complex and fascinating piece of machinery. It is responsible for making your vehicle’s wheels turn by transferring the power generated by the engine to the wheels. Performing regular maintenance services can help prevent major repairs and extend the lifespan of your transmission.

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